Summer Activities For Seniors

Although sometimes it’s hard to beat the heat during the dog days of summer, we can’t forget that it’s important to get our loved ones out of the house and into life!  While our elderly loved ones may not be able to water-ski or run marathons, staying active will help to maintain and improve quality of life, as well as give us some much enjoyed time together.  Here are some idea for fun in the sun with the senior in your life!  4887088256_0c91ac8e7f_n-150x150

What are your elderly loved one’s favorite summer activities? How do you make “magic” out of summer?

Ideas for Fun Summer Activities for Seniors:
• Sit and watch the sunrise or sunset with your senior. Many like to rise early, enjoy the cool of the morning with a fresh juice or coffee.
• Take your senior to a children’s baseball game.5907105630_0ce84ba400_n1-150x150
• If you live close to a beach or lake, go for a walk, or wheelchair ride along the lake side.
• Just sit under a shady tree on a warm sunny day and maybe take off your shoes and theirs to feel the grass underfoot. Talk about summer games they use to play.
• Shell some peas, snap some beans, eat some fresh tomatoes from the garden.
• Find out what their favorite book or author is and read a chapter each time you visit.
• Go swimming. Sometimes it’s difficult to take a senior swimming, but many YMCA’s have senior swim times and early morning hours.
• Find a free outdoor music concert.senior-picnic
• Go on a simple picnic. Drive to their favorite park, find a picnic table and eat a simple brown paper bag lunch.

Let’s keep in mind that whatever activities we enjoy with our favorite senior this summer, let’s do them with love and patience. We can make new memories, and reinforce old ones. We can take the time to truly listen to our elder loved ones – listening is such a royal gift. It will make them feel wonderful and you, too!


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