March is National Nutrition Month!

We love March!  Winter (should be) on it’s way out, and we look forward to the tasty treats that Spring brings as it warms up all over the nation.  Spring is a great time to fill up on fresh fruits, veggies and juices – and to get back out in the action – exercise those winter blues away.  There’s no one diet that is right for everyone though, so it’s important to follow a healthy and reasonable eating plan that’s packed with tasty foods and keeps your unique lifestyle in mind.

Seniors are one the highest at risk age groups for mal-nourishment.  Not only do they have different nutritional needs than younger adults, they also take more medication, have higher rates of chronic medical conditions-such as diabetes and heart disease-and are more likely to live alone; all of which contribute to the rising numbers of older Americans who are seriously impacted by a deficient diet.

As we go through March, let’s keep some signs and symptoms  front and center, and always, and be aware of ways to make sure the older loved on in our life is getting the healthy foods (and sometimes supplements) they need.



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