The Right Time To Consider Assisted Living?

A family is often faced with the difficult decision of when is the right time to move an elderly parent to assisted living or possibly a nursing home.  Many seniors believe they can take care of themselves for the rest of their lives.  Often, even the process of getting them to consider it meets extreme resistance, event though studies have shown that most falls occur inside the home.  Each family situation is very different and it may help you to answer some of the following questions when considering this decision.


1. Can your parent move about safely in home including negotiating stairs, getting in and out of bathroom and narrow doorways?
2. Have frequent falls become a problem recently?
3. Does your parent have or use necessary safety equipment such as raised toilet frames, bath tub seats, and personal emergency devices?
4. Have any accidents occurred recently with appliances in home such as the stove or forgetting to turn it off properly?
5. If your parent smokes, has he or she had any accidents such as burn holes in clothing or bedding?
6. In the event of a fire, do you feel your parent would follow appropriate emergency measures including calling 911 and leaving premises?
7. Is your parent bathing regularly and able to maintain adequate hygiene including grooming such as hair washing, shaving and oral care?
8. Is your parent changing clothes daily or has he or she developed the habit of wearing the same dirty ones over and over again?
9. Has your parent become progressively dependent on help with Activities of Daily Living? (eating, dressing, bathing)
10. Does you parent allow outside help when needed to come in and help with personal care, housekeeping chores, and meal preparation?

If the answer to any of the above  is yes, what’s the right way to broach the subject?

Tips From The Experts:
Start the conversation early.  Keep an open and honest line of communication with parents regarding thoughts, desires and plans of action.  Take the surprise and fear out of possible future plans by discussing possibilities and laying groundwork.

Read more about The Importance Of Regular Conversations here.


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